How to Use Xender Online For File-Transferring?

How to use Xender online: Xender is one of the most popular files sharing a platform, but still, it includes a vast population of such people as well who are newer to the concept. For making it much easier for all of them, we are here going to provide you the simple and interactive way to use Xender online.

Xender is a cross-platform file sharing app that you can conveniently use on different platforms. It is one of the fastest media to transfer a bunch of files and even larger videos as well without taking much data for it. It is one of the most accessible media where you can easily transfer files wirelessly just by creating a private network and then sync it with various another device with which you are willing to move data.

How to Use Xender Online For File-Transferring

Xender while file sharing does not consume much internet data of yours. It creates its network and gets synchronized with the devices with which you are willing to share files. Just follow the given guide to enjoy the easy access over Xender.

How to use Xender for sharing files online?

  • Download the file from FileProto and then install the latest version of Xender app over there.
  • Once done, launch it from your device.
  • A list of various options will appear on your home screen showing, apps, music, photos, and videos, etc.
  • Now, select the files you are willing to share with your friends and then tap on the Send option provided along with it.
  • Now launch the app with the other end device and press Receive option from there.
  • Enable location access to go further with the process.
  • The new interface will open on your home screen with a QR code.
  • Scan the QR code and files using your device are Camera and allow the file transfer procedure to be continued.


Hope you guys have successfully deal with your query of Xender online. Just install this app on your device now and easily share different formats of files cross platforms without making many efforts.

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How To Download Xender For Macbook, iMac?

Xender For Macbook, iMac: If you are searching for one of the newest file sharing and transferring applications, stop your hunting and get Xender for MacBook, iMac today. It is one of the most beautiful apps that have made it very easy to share different formats of files on the same platform and cross-platform as well. One of the best things about Xender is that it does not include any language boundaries at all. The app is well designed to support more than 22 languages which mean you can effortlessly use it from the different parts of the world.

Now, easily transfer all sort of files without appearing any transfer on your Mac PC. If we talk about the accessibility, this fantastic application is well designed and developed to run on the different HD standards of all the graphics drivers seamlessly.

How To Download Xender For Macbook, iMac

How to download Xender on Mac?

Downloading Xender on Mac is not a big deal that you can’t crack on. As we all know the fact that Xender is Android operating systems, but still you want to get it on your MacBook or iMac devices, you can easily do it by using an android emulator on your device. You can also check the guide here how to run it on your pc.

  • Download and install Bluestacks on your MacBook or iMac devices.
  • Once done, establish your connection using Google Account.
  • Now to go to the option of the Search box and then enter Xender file name here.
  • Now press the Enter button to go further with the process.
  • On the successful completion of the process, Xender application will display on your Mac device.
  • Select the desired version and then press the Install button to go further with the process.
  • Wait for the successful installation of the process, and once done, start sharing files cross platforms hassle free.


Hope the above-provided installation process of Xender for MacBook, iMac will help you a lot it getting it seamlessly on your device. The only thing you have to do here is to follow the above procedure carefully, that’s it.

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How to Use Xender for Ubuntu?

Xender for Ubuntu: Working on Ubuntu does not only brings up the opportunity of working with a broader range of applications only but sometimes leaves you a step behind as well when it comes of the accessibility. File sharing is one of the most common issues that usually an Ubuntu user faces and especially when it comes to sharing files between two different platforms.

If you are also one of those who are facing the same annoying situations, keep your worries behind as Xender for Ubuntu will make it entirely easy for you. It is one of the most common file sharing the app with very interactive and easy to use interface that has made it altogether easy to share data between two different platforms. If we talk about Ubuntu only, you can easily share files cross-platform using your web browser just. If you are still finding it difficult, relax. We are providing you the step by step procedure for sharing data using Xender.

How to Use Xender for Ubuntu

Before going further with the file sharing process, please ensure that you have preinstalled Xender on the devices at which you are willing to share files. Once done, now launch the app file on your android device.

How to transfer files using Xender?

  • Now click on the blue colored Connect icon present at the bottom of your home screen.
  • A new Window will open on your home screen asking you about to Send or to Receive files.
  • Now, select Create Hotspot button.
  • Mobile hotspot is being created on your android devices showing you instructions about how to get connected to Ubuntu PC.
  • Just copy the IP address being generated here.
  • Now connect your Ubuntu PC to the mobile hotspot.
  • Open the browser on your PC and then add the IP address you have copied prior in the address bar.
  • Once done, it will automatically access the directories of your android device from a web browser, and hence you can start up with file transfer.


It is all about how to use Xender for Ubuntu. Just go through the step by step procedure given below to share cross-platform files on Ubuntu.

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